Hello, my name is paul and I recently graduated the communication design bachelor programme at Hochschule Augsburg. In my bachelor thesis I dealt with variable type design.
On this website you can find a selection of my work.

Bachelor at Hochschule Augsburg (HSA) (2019)

Type Design workshop at HSA by Lukas Schneider (2017)

Design workshop at HSA by Andrew Ross (2018)


For typeface requests don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Typeface: IBM Plex Mono

Design and development by Paul Christ

⬐ Year ⬐ Project ⬐ Teacher
2019Basil TypefaceProf. M. Göldner

Typetester Typeface design based on TypeCooker parameters.

Weight Book
Construction Roman
Width Condensed
Stroke Endings No Serifs
Contrast type Expansion
Contrast Amount Quite Some Contrast

2018StampsAndrew Ross

During the four day workshop »Can post compete with the digital world?« by Andrew Ross (Osborne Ross) we developed design concepts for stamps. I was looking for advantages of the analogue medium and quickly focused on the tactile aspects. My concept is based on a grid which can rasterize the digits and display Braille at the same time. The final stamp will have the digits debossed and the Braille embossed and will be colourless. The design is entirely made with the python based tool drawbot and using IBM Plex Mono for the digits and the caption. 60 × 30mm

2018Bachelor ThesisProf. M. Göldner

In my bachelor thesis at Hochschule Augsburg I took a closer look at what can be done with variable fonts. They are being described as a significant change in font technology, even though the same technology was introduced and shortly after discontinued in the nineties. So I designed one myself and experimented with new ways of implementing this variable font format.

2017Crooked TypefaceLukas Schneider

As part of the Werkwoche, externals organize different workshops at Hochschule Augsburg. During the one week type design workshop held by Lukas Schneider from Revolver Type I designed the typeface Crooked. The Font contains two variants of each glyph, one with, the other one without contrast. While typing, it seemingly chooses randomly between them. In reality this is acchieved by using an open type feature which chooses a variant of the glyph based on the vowel and consonant sequence.

2018Oh No! TypefaceProf. M. Göldner

Typetester Far away from professional Type Design, there has always been a parallel universe of amateurs and handy men. In Contrast to the expert the amateur works casually and improvises. He creates upon need, to find a solution to the problem. In his work The Savage Mind the french ethnologist Claude Lévi-Strauss makes use of the term Bricoleur as a counterpart to Ingenieur. In a semester project we explored this approach. We tried out different techniques from the present and the past and dealt with abstraction and restriction, to draw from our Savage Mind.

2016Odysseus sucht PenelopeProf. M. Wörgötter

A handmade book filled with personal ads from local newspapers and online services. Each ad is paired with a photography of ancient sculptures from the »Glyptothek« in Munich.

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